Thursday, March 5, 2009

animatic half

Ranga's Meat Shop Half from Rohini Metharam on Vimeo.
This week I went in a re-worked the shots and camera angles. Going forward and revising, I will be adding more meat to the shop, and lowering the roof of the shot to make it feel a little more closteraphobic as a meat shop does. For the shots, I will add in a shot in the begining of Ranga where he has a Sweeny Todd moment while cutting the meat so that the viewer really gets a sense of his character (the big ferocious butcher tiger). For the knife swinging out of Pappu's hands, I will refine the gag by removing the scene where Ranga is ducking the knife and just have the knife barely miss him but already gone into the wall.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ranga's Meat Shop: Second Animatic

Ranga's Meat Shop: Second Animatic from Rohini Metharam on Vimeo.

In this version of the animatic, I worked more with the timing. Although looking at it many more times, I realize the ending is still too fast and needs to be fixed. At this point I have tested both versions of my story with my audience and have received the following feedback:

The visual style of the black and white flashback reads better as it is bigger and the audience is able to tell the difference between the younger version of the dad in the earlier version. The smiley face was more appealing to the younger audience. The story definitely does strike a conversation as the parents were explaining the story with their kids and discussing the moral with them. When children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up and parents were asked what they expected of them, I noticed the attitudes of normally controlling parents move towards the aspect of "They can do whatever they want if they are able to do it." This made me hopeful. :)

Ranga's Meat Shop: First Animatic

Ranga's Meat Shop: First Animatic from Rohini Metharam on Vimeo.

This version of the animatic had to be revised as there were several key moments that had be slowed down in order to get the message accross. Therefore timing had to be fixed. Another critique that I recieved for this version was that I needed to keep the same visual language for the thought sequence-- I will have to choose between the thought bubble and the black and white flash back styles.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

characters in Maya

Pappu from Rohini Metharam on Vimeo.

Thesis Statement

My thesis is a humorous 2D/3D animation that inspires South Asian families to tallk about each others expectations of the children's career choices. I will showcase my animation in a workshop format that can be used by educational institutions.