Sunday, June 1, 2008

Initial thoughts on concept and process

In every culture there are several schools of thought as far as the recognition or respect of professions that one chooses. These decisions of what career is considered valid that are made by society in turn reflects not only the way in which individuals see themselves but also the way in which parents accept what they choose to pursue as a career.

For my thesis, I will comment on this issue involving the reactions of society and parents towards the career choices of the child through a 3D animation short. The tone of the piece will be humorous. The intention is to get the viewer attached to the emotional journey that the main character takes in order to get his father and his village to accept him for who he really is and what he wants to do in life. 

Over the summer, I will test out my story with various audiences, create my models and sets, and perform test animations to se how best I can bring out my characters personalities through their movements.

A bog part of my research will also involve talking to youth at SAYA. SAYA is a non-profit organisation that hlds activities to help Indian children of various ages rise as far as employment, deal with issues of racism and deal with the pressures of the Indian society. As they deal with a majority of my target audience, I will speak to these youth and find out if my assumptions are true. I will also test my characters here and make changes accordingly as far as look and feel.

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