Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thesis Statement

Traditions confine us to certain  expectations of acceptable professions that society expects us citizen to follow, however sometimes it becomes necessary for us to break these traditions.

My explanation of this statement:
As we grow up, we learn from our parents, teachers, elders about how to be successful in life. Along with these teachings, we are taught about what professions contribute towards being a successful person. These assumptions of "what career makes one successful" comes from tradition and also the wanting of our parents for us to be successful and happy in life. However as the times change and culture changes, it becomes important to re-evaluate this assumption of "what makes one successful". With changing times come new problems, ones that have never emerged before? When traditional solutions don't work, it is upto us to be creative about the way in which we think to solve these problems. Thus it then has to be acceptable to break traditional expectations. The youth of today are starting to solves world issues creatively through new media, gaming, art, music etc... As these efforts are providing solutions, society should embrace these new professions. 

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