Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New characters and story: Post Midterm

From the midterm analysis, I realized that I had to stay away from the tribal theme in order not to be offensive. Also, I had to create a story with characters or an environment that clued the viewers in to Indian culture. Initially I had come up with a story about a boy who wanted to be a Bollywood actor and his struggle to communicate with his dad who wanted him to be a doctor. While these are Indian professions that kids would immediately recognize, they are too literal and uninteresting. 
Therefore I decided to make the father and sons characters Indian tigers. This would be a lot more fun for animation and appealing to kids than human characters. I also changed the setting and professions. The story is now set in a meat shop that the father owns and the boy is a wannabe chef

These are the characters I came up with

This is the first version of the story I came up with:
Setting: A Meat shop in the jungle
Characters: Dad who owns the butcher shop
and his son (who wants to be a chef)
Both characters are tigers

- We see a long shot of a butcher shop in the jungle

- we go into the meat shop where we see a wall filled with pictures of generations of butchers that have owned this shop and we see a picture of the current ownder

- He is cutting meat with a big chopping knife, his back is turned to his son

- we see his son looking back to see if his dad is looking

- he goes back to his part of the table where he is a preparing a meal following along with the Indian chef (from Khana Kazana, an Indian cooking show) on TV

- While he is cooking we see the dad in the background is taking meat to the fridge and putting it in

- The boys head picks up when he hears the fridge open

- he shuts off the TV and starts putting all his stuff away before his father can see

- we hear the fridge close as he manages to put everything away

- the dad comes over to the boy with a big piece of meat in his hand and puts it on the table in front of him and hands him the cutting knife

- the boy looks at the raw meat in disgust

- he goes into a day dream (2d animation) where he sees himself dressed up in chef's attire with the meat cooked in the form of a gourmet meal presenting it to his father

- the dad gets mad and starts chasing his son with the butcher knife

- the boy gulps and his dream vanishes

- he looks back at the meat on the table and the knife

- he picks up the knife and starts cutting the meat but he does it all wrong

- the father gets mad and bangs his fist on the table for the boy to try again but get it right this time

- the boy looks at his chef's hat and gets mad

- he takes it out and puts it on his head and hands the meal he prepared to his dad

- the father gets furious and picks up his knife as he is not happy about what his son wants to do

- the boy sees his fathers rage and drops the plat on the table

- the dad chases him around the restaraunt with his knife in hand

- the boy panting, stops and motions his father to stop

- the father stops in his tracks

- he takes the food that he prepared and gives it to his father to taste

- the dad takes a bite a smile on his face as he enjoys the food he is trying

- the boy looks happy

- screen fades

- we see the dad in his butcher shop cutting meat, the picture behind him has the sons cooking with the boy

- the boy is next to his dad on the stove with a sign on the wall that says "Get your fresh Kebabs here!"

The end

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