Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new story version 2: post midterm

I had several people look over the previous story and they like the story however the chef and butcher are too close in profession. Therefore for this version I changed the story so that the boy wants to be a sculptor.
This is the new story I came up.

Setting: A Meat shop in the jungle
Characters: Dad who owns the butcher shop
and his son (who wants to be a sculptor)
Both characters are tigers

- We see a long shot of a meat shop in the jungle

- we go into the meat shop where we see a wall filled with pictures of generations of butchers that have owned this shop and we see a picture of the current ownder

- He is cutting meat with a big chopping knife, his back is turned to his son

- we see his son looking back to see if his dad is looking and then he goes back to what he was doing

- we see the boy making a small sculpture out of clay

- in the background we see the father opening the fridge behind him

- the boys head picks up as soon as he hears the fridge door open

- he quickly puts his sculpture away

- we hear the fridge door closing and the dad comes over with a big steak in his hand and lays it on the table in front of the boy

- he starts cutting and then hands the knife over to the boy so he can try

- the boy doesn't look happy, he starts daydreaming

- (we see his dream in 2d/3d cell shaded above his head) he is showing his dad his sculpture, his dad gets mad and starts chasing him around the shop with his knife)

- the boy gulps and his dream disappears

- he takes the knife his dad is handing him to start cutting

- but when he moves his hand up in preparation to cut, the knife flies out of his hand and gets stuck on the wall behind him

- the boy looks behind and then at his dad (an embarrasses cheesy smile on his face)

- the dad sighs and shakes his head

- he shows him how to hold the knife and then gives it to the boy to attempt again

- annoyed that he has to try this again, the boy tries cutting the meat and then shows his dad when he has done

- the dad gets mad as he sees that the boy has cut a smiley face in the meat, he starts grumbling

- the boy takes the ground meet next to him and quickly starts making something

- the dad looks at him intreagued

- the boy shows the dad a small meat sculpture of him that he has made

- the dad looks at what the boy has done and smiles, his expression changes as he has gotten an idea

- scene fades

- we see the dad cutting and boy making little meat sculptures they are both happy

- camera pans out, we see little meat sculptures in the shop window

- the end

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